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cual es la diferencia entre torta y tarta? gracias


he buscado las fotos en google, pero todavia no puedo descubrir la diferencia entre ellas.
y mi diccionario dice =pastel para estas dos palabras.

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    tarta ---> (usually large or normal-sized) cake, tart or pie. They're usually filled with fruit or cream. Pastel, pie. Usualmente relleno de frutas o crema.

    torta ---> Also cake, tart or pie, but it can also be just a small mass of flour (wheat) baked slowly to make bread (In Mexico this is done to prepare "sandwiches" bread). It could also be a small disk made of smashed potatoes,beef,fish, or any other vegetable or meat e.g. tortas de papa or tortas de jamón:

    torta ahogada pork sandwich with spicy au jus
    torta de carne beef sandwich
    torta de maíz corn bread, tortilla
    torta de papa rallada hash browns, latke
    torta milhojas puffed pastry

    aro de tarta cake pan, baking ring
    tarta de jamón y queso ham and cheese sandwich
    tarta de la casa tart of the house
    tarta de yema quemada crème brule
    tarta helada ice cream cake
    tarta tibia de manzanas warm apple pie

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