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A question about “yo”

In our Spanish classes,we use "yo" in some sentences such as"Yo me llamo......".But some people do not use it.Must we use "yo" in the sentences?

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    You decide if you use it or not. The information about the substantive is already included on the verb conjugation, so you can say, e.g.:
    "Me llamo Juan" or "Yo me llamo Juan".

    Preserving the pronoun "yo" only makes emphasis on who is speaking (who is the sentence subject/substantive), which can be useful in some circumstances (to place intentional emphasis), e.g. :

    Q: "¿Tú eres Juan?" (Are you Juan?)
    A: "No. Yo me llamo Pedro" (No. My name is Pedro)

    Yo no comparto tu opinión ("I don't share your opinion")

    Yo hice el trabajo. Él no. Yo merezco el aumento ("I completed the work. He didn't. I deserve the raise")

    No you don't have to say Yo in front, actually you should simply say " me llamo..." Without you because it just sounds more authentic. Another natural way you can introduce yourself is using yo is " yo soy...." This pattern is very common in everyday spoken Spanish and even Portuguese


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