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How would you interpret this sentence?


I looked at the battalion scattered throughout the plane. How many didn’t make it? Murph. Three specialists from Bravo company who’d been killed by a suicide bomber in the chow hall. A few others scattered over the year. One from HQ company killed by a mortar on the FOB. Another I didn’t know but had heard was killed by a sniper. Ten more? Twenty?

Hou would you interpret "A few others scattered over the year"? My interpretation is that a few others had also been killed by suicide bombers last year, right?
Another question: were these "others" also killed in the chow hall?
Thank you.

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    Your interpretation is mostly correct. "Scattered over the year" means that at different points in the past year, these various people were killed.

    I think the "others" he refers to are the people he mentions in the next sentences. It sounds like first he's thinking about the people who died just now, and then he's trying to think of all the people who died over the last year.

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