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Differences between some verbs.

Hi, Can anyone explain the difference between shout, scream, cry and yell?
Which of them are interchangeable? Could you give me some examples please?

Thank you!

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    A person can shout when they want others to hear. The foreman had to shout over the noise of the construction.
    A scream is usually in response to something alarming, scary, or horrible. The passerby let out a scream when he saw the body on the train tracks.
    Cry is either to shed tears or call out in a loud voice. The newspaper vendor cried out the headlines in order to sell his papers.
    Yell is about the same as scream or a shout but a person may yell to cheer at a sporting event or to get someone's attention. There is no dead body here, we are only yelling because of the basketball game.

    1. The restaurant had so many people and was so noisy that I had to YELL at my friend who was just sitting across the table from me.

    2. They say that women SCREAM when they see a mouse, but many men do so, too.

    3. The movie was so sad that even many men were CRYING.

    4. All of the workers at that job hate the boss because he always YELLS at them when they make a mistake.

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