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What does "물 들어올때 노 젓는다" means?

It seems like an idiom or something? I can't understand what it means. Please explain it to me, thank you very much!

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I know what it literally means, it's just that it doesn't match to the context of sentences I was reading. That's why I think that this is some kind of an idiom. ^^

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    all right, I'm not sure about this 100% percent, but let me give a try too ;)
    It's a proverb saying that you should use a chance when it's given.. or smth like that :)

    "When fortune knocks upon the door, open it widely."

    my level is not good enough to tell if this is an idiom but literally it means that (i,he,she) is rowing (with an oar) while water is gushing in

    Strike while the iron is hot. or Make hay while the sun shines

    image, water(물) comes (들어)to land from the sea, so your boat on the land is getting to rise on water. it is time to go toward for you in order to get fish. YOu are rowing(노 저으며) on and on, ~~~

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