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Russian 'o' and 'a'


Hi, is there a way to know what I should use in writing if I know that in pronunciation we have 'a'. How should I know that I should writte "o" not "a", or the other way round?
Are there any rules about it?
Thank you in advance :)

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    The only way to know is if they are stressed: á and ó have their own sound, but in the syllable right before the stressed syllable, they're both pronounced [a]: потом [paTOM] глаза [glaZA]. Anywhere else, they're have a neutral quality like the first vowel in the Eng. word 'about.' (Although most Russians pronounced final -o and -a like [a]: круто [KRUta].

    When a or o are the first letter in a word, they are pronounced [a]: обстаятельно [apstaYAtielna]

    When a or o come together anywhere in a word, they are both pronounced [a]: зоопарк [zaaPARK] наоборот [naabaROT]

    The syllable ча is pronounced [chi] right before the stressed syllable: часы [chiSY] начала [nǝchiLA]

    Hope this helps :)


    You should change the form of this word to make this letter being stressed. And you will hear "а" or "о". Also there are many exceptions and you can only learn it by heart.

    Some cases you can check if you change the form of the word, for example:
    молокО, молОчный
    хорошО, хорОший
    бородА, бОроды
    хОлод, холОдный

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