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Academic Writing Book

I'm learning academic writing now. I don't know how to write essays in a more formal way.
any book recommend about academic writing for foreigners?

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    I am not sure how qualified I am to advise, but I have done some essay writing. I was not writing with formal constraints, so they came out in different formats, but I learned a few things. First, it helps a lot to have something you care about and want to communicate about. Make sure you have thought your message through and have a good understanding of it. Don't try to impress with your language or language skills. If you have a good message, just aim to get it across so that it is easily understood. Often this means not using your highest level of vocabulary. Many people underestimate the amount of confusion or uncertainty that gets thrown in when your reader does not understand your vocabulary. He will not get your message unless he uses a dictionary. Its best not to depend on him doing so. You should target a certain audience, if it is appropriate to your message. You should adjust your language and the examples you use and references you make so that particular audience can easily assimilate your message. Some messages are general in nature, so you wouldnt have a particular audience. If you are writing non-technically, then it helps to lighten the subject up with a little humor, but not so much to distract from your message. If you are writing technically, then just try to get your data across in a clear, straight-forward manner. You should have a logical sequence of ideas from the beginning to the end. Most paragraphs will build upon what has already been written. End up with a summary paragraph and try to end it on a positive note.

    Are you going to be doing technical writing, or will you be writing essays on non-technical subjects?


    Here's a suggestion: write a short essay on a topic in the notebook section, and explain that you are trying to write formally/academically. This way, we can correct your essay appropriately instead of just focusing on grammar and spelling.

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