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Difference: [윗 옷 & 상의] + [한 & 약/쯤/정도]

Can I know the difference between 윗 옷 & 상의?
Besides, when should we use 한 instead of 약/쯤/정도? Are all of them perfectly interchangeable?

Thank you~~~

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    윗 옷 and 상의 are interchangeable. 상의 just sounds more formal, because it's "Sino-Korean."

    한 and 약 are also interchangeable. Again, 약, being a Sino-Korean, sounds more formal, while 한 is used more in casual speech.

    쯤 and 정도 are also interchangeable. Like the above two cases, 정도 is more formal and used in writing because it's Sino-Korean.

    However, 한/약 and 쯤/정도 are NOT interchangeable, because 한 and 약 precede the numbers, while 쯤/정도 come after the numbers. In fact, most of the time 한/약 are used in combination with 쯤/정도.

    거기에는 *한* 다섯 명 *쯤* 있었어.
    There were about 5 people there.

    우리 집에서 학교까지는 *약* 5마일 *정도*이다.
    It's it about 5 miles from my house to the school.

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