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Is 안 short for 아니?

I have listened to a few songs use 안, but I have never really wondered if it was short for 아니.
The most recent example I can think of is in Glam's song "In front of the mirror" they say- 난 안 예뻐

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    It does have something to do with it, yes. ~안 can be a negation in any way shape or form.

    난 안 예뻐. - I'm not pretty.
    난 = I
    안 = negation
    예뻐 ~ 예쁘다 = pretty

    Hi Zora!
    안 is a negative.

    '안' of 안녕하세요 is different from 안 of '안' 이뻐.

    In the words 안 이뻐, 안 is a negative.

    In economical reasons, you use “안” other than “아니”

    You read the sentence “아니 춥다.”
    I ask you to read it quickly. more quickly more quickly.

    “아니 춥다” is changed into “안 춥다”

    As you say, “안” is a short form of “아니”

    안 춥다. (춥지 않다.)
    비가 안 온다.(비가 오지 않는다.)
    안 이쁘다.(이쁘지 않다.)

    Here, the word '안' modifies the verb, “춥다 and 온다 etc.”

    I hope that helps. Feel free to contact me if you don’t understand it.

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