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你好!我的问题是:“却”怎么用? 谢谢!

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    却 is used to mark a contrast, like, "but, however, on the other hand, etc"
    Ex: 他去过瑞士,我却没有

    Ich danke dich fuer deine Antwort.
    Ich glaube ,“却”wie "aber" oder "sondern".



    "却“ have many meaning especially in classical Chinese. Nowadays, it acts as a conjunctiong in most cases:
    1.It the same meaing with but. for example in this sentence:"施恩来了大牢里三次,却不提防被。" express how much difference between people's assumption and the real case. for example in this sentence:"这个吓得胆战心惊、惶惶不安并满腹牢骚的人却具有掌权和发号施令的能力。"

    "却“ can also be verb,adverb and particle.
    1.when it's a verb,it has 6 meaning.
    (1)step back;retreat;withdraw. eg:"却立。"
    (2)get rid of. eg:"了却"
    (3)avoid eg:"却死"

    2..when it's an adverb,it has 5 meaning

    3.when it's a particle,it meanings off,out,"忘却"

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