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How to say 'With' in Korean?

How do I express 'with' in Korean?

1. I walked with Mary to school.
2. I will help you with your homework.
3. I ate with chopsticks.

Please explain fully~ ^^

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    1. with means "together, along with" ~와 (~와 함께/~와 같이)
    - walk with her 그녀와 걷다
    - eat with ~와 먹다
    - stay with ~와 같이 지내다
    - have a dinner with ~와 저녁을 먹다
    - associate with ~와 사귀다
    - speak with ~와 이야기하다
    - shake hands with ~와 악수하다

    2. with means "measure, method, means" ~로
    - write with a pen 펜으로 쓰다
    - pay with a check 수표로 지급하다
    - cut the rope with a knife 칼로 밧줄을 잘랐다

    3. with means "object" ~을/에
    - help you with homework 숙제를 도와주다
    - agree with his opinion 그의 의견에 동의하다
    - get away with this troble 이 문제를 치워버리다
    - deal with something 어떤것을 다루다

    there are other expressions in "with"
    - I have a computer with a problem
    나는 문제가 "있는" 컴퓨터가 있어.

    난 마리(Mary 를 발음대로 적은것) '와 함께'(with) 학교로 걸어 갔어
    heres the problem, i would translate with to korean as '함께' but
    if i say 난 마리 함께 학교로 걸어 갔어 is wrong
    you have to add '와' between 마리 and 함께
    also, '와'(this '와' theres other '와', dont confuse!) means with

    so you could say

    난 마리와 학교로 걸어갔어. (O)
    난 마리와 함께 학교로 걸어갔어. (O)
    난 마리 함께 학교로 걸어갔어. (X)

    내가 너의 숙제를 같이(with) 도와줄게.

    난 젓가락으로(with) 먹었어
    but this one is, kind of not right.
    you hae to say
    i ate it using chopsticks
    난 젓가락으로 먹었어. is right thing

    i think i kind of messed up, reply to this one will answer asap : )

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