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what are a few good persian shows or movies?

I just got done watching "Marmoolak" and I thought it was such a great movie. It was very funny :o)

I think I was able to learn a lot of new phrases and parts of Iranian culture by watching this movie. I have been searching the internet (mostly on youtube) and most of the Persian movies I find are extremely sad.

Are there any good movies or television shows out there that wont make me sad? I'm looking for something with English subtitles...

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    A film called '' Ekhrajiha '' = اخراجی ها that like ''Marmoolak'' I think..
    And you should watch ''Argo'' thats a bout iranians in past & what happened those days Argo won oscar this year!

    "Vilaye Man = ویلای من" is a funny series.
    [ ]

    "Gasht-e Ershad = گشت ارشاد":
    [ ]

    "Pesare Adam , Dokhtare Hava = پسر آدم ، دختر حوا":

    Better quality:

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