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how do you say 'you are' ?

for example i wanna say you are cute, is it " ni shi ke ai" or "ni hao ke ai" or something else ? because i hear some people say "ni hao " when saying you are, but i thought ni hao means hello

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    Definitely not "ni shi ke ai," but you can say "ni hao ke ai" or "ni hen ke ai." Besides "good" (ni hao = hello = "you good"), hao is also an adverb that means "very." So "ni hao ke ai" means "you're very cute."

    You can say"ni shi "or"ni hao"


    "ni hao ke ai"is right.
    The "hao" in “ni hao” is totally different from the "hao" in "ni hao ke ai".
    The "hao" in "ni hao ke ai" is a adverb.It equals"very".
    “ni hao”means "Hello"

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