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How to translate"liberal arts university"? 怎样翻译“liberal arts university”

我想把“liberal arts university”翻译成中文,有人译作“文理学院”,但是我对这个翻译不是很满意,觉得没有把意思翻译出来,请问有更好的译法吗?
Hi, I want to translate"liberal arts university" into Chinese, some translated it as" 文理学院“ (school of arts and sciences", I don't think it's a very accurate explaination, or is it? Do you have better ideas? I will be very happy to listen to you.

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    人文学院 or 人文大学

    liberal art,从字面意思上我没有看到哪有文理的意思,咱们中国理工大学都是翻译为 university of technology,所以我觉得直翻 艺术学院 就行了么



    Liberal Arts mean "Academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and the sciences as distinct from professional and technical subjects." So all the proposed translations are not quite right either. Also I don't think 非業科 is elegant either. Really need professional translators here.

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