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ㅂ 시다

When talking to somebody who is older than you or your superior or anybody that I would be using honorifics with, for ex: 선배님, i can NOT ㅂ/시다 (밥을 먹읍시다)

so in that case, which structure can be used to talk with the older (or superior) (으)ㄹ 래요?

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    Either expression can be appropriate, if the listener is not quite older than you or not much higher than you.

    선배님, 밥 먹읍시다.
    선배님, 밥 먹어요.
    선배님, 밥 먹을래요? / 선배님, 밥 같이 먹을래요?
    선배님, 밥 먹죠./선배님 밥 같이 먹죠.
    오빠, 밥 먹죠.
    오빠, 밥 먹어요. (meaning either Let's have dinner together or Would you like to have dinner?)

    선생님, 드시죠.
    사장님, 식사하시겠어요?

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