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I know you say 비가 와요 or 비가 내려요. I know what 오다 means, but what does 내리다 mean and how is it generally used?

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    비가 와요 = 비가 내려요 눈이 와요 = 눈이 내려요
    In addition 내리다 has a various meanings= go down (price, temprature: fever), get off (transport)

    서울역 내려야 돼요
    값이 내려 될게요
    열이 내렸어요

    비가 와요(rain comes)
    비가 내려요(rain falls)
    눈이 와요(snow comes)
    눈이 내려요(snow falls)

    they are good expressions in use. There are a little bit difference though, after all, they are same in that they(snow, rain) come (down) from skies.

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