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Why the word "mug" has so many meanings which have no relationship between each other?


1 A [mug] is a large deep cup with straight sides and a handle, used for hot drinks

2 If someone [mugs] you, they attack you in order to steal your money.

3 If you say that someone is a [mug], you mean that they are stupid and easily deceived by other people.

4 Some-one's mug is their face.

Usually a word has several meanings between which there are connections. But what happened to this word? I don't understand.

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    Etymologies are the histories of words. They are very useful in linking words together.

    (from the link I posted above...) Mug = a kind of cup. Perhaps the 'face' meaning came from the cup. 'To mug' (steal) originally meant to bash someone in the face.

    Words sometimes split and evolve away from each other, and even though they may share origins, you still have to get used to their current meanings.

    ni hao Irina, u posed a nice question, do u recall that old saying- a word has no meaning of itself but depending on the context. thus same word may function differently in different places.
    secondly. english has words from many many different languages, the same word(of same orthography) coming from different sources may retain their original meaning, no real examples at hand, but it happens, specially among languages of origin. search cognates and false cognates to learn more about it.

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