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How to express nervousness in Korean?

I'm sure there are many words to express being nervous but could I please know 2 or 3 that are most used. Also please use them in these sentences please.

1. I am nervous for the test tomorrow.
2. I was nervous when my mom asked me about me results.
3. I was nervous because it was our first date.

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    to be nervous can be '불안하다' or '초조하다' '조마조마 하다' '긴장돼' etc.
    1. 내일 시험때문에 불안해.
    2.엄마가 시험 결과를 물어 볼때 초조했어/조마조마했어/불안했어.
    3. 처음 데이트라서 긴장했었어.

    give you two more choices:

    애타다 & 졸이다

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