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Recommend any English grammar book ?

I know basic grammar but make mistake on simple things ...Should I have to read the whole grammar again or is there any book which will help me to improve from basic to Advance.

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    I understand grammar is very difficult in another language. Unfortunately, their is no "book" that will make you go from beginner to advanced. "You" have to advance yourself. It is not like reading an autobiography, where after reading it, you understand the life story of the author. This is almost like going to the mind gym. You do not just take in information, like someone takes in nutrients from food, you would have to actively practice what you learn in the book. So it's a bit like recommending a workout DVD, for you to work out with. That said, I like "Grammar Sense 1" by Cheryl Pavlik. It covers a lot, so you get a lot of stuff you can work on. I also like how it is presented (the tables are clear, things are nicely organized, and visually separated from one another so as not to confuse). Everyone is different, but that is one to start with. What in particular are you having problems with? (verbs, plural, modal, subject verb agreement, pronouns, spelling)? (spelling is improved just by reading books in English (because our spelling is not phonetic like Spanish, spelling really only is able to be learned, by going right to the source, i.e. where people spell things, which is written communication). I hope this helps.

    personal opinion,

    To overcome Sentence structure mistakes => Do as much exercises with keys as you can & check well the correction. (try different grammar exer/keys books)

    and for informal English use => spend more time in reading literature classics, and less in watching movies.

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