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tudo versus todo, Which one is right?

When a person says 'tudo bem' it roughly translates into 'all good' or 'is everything good'. But if I say 'bom dia todo a todas' then this roughly means 'good morning everyone' also referring to the word 'all'. How do you know when to use tudo and when to use todo/toda?

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    TUDO - when the object to which it refers is undefined

    ex. : Sei TUDO sobre Platão. (I know EVERYTHING about Plato.)

    TUDO o que tenho me é suficiente. (ALL that I have is enough.)

    TODOS or TODAS - when the object is defined in sentence

    ex.: Sei TODA a obra literária de platão. (I know ALL the literary work of Plato.)

    TODO o dinheiro qu etenho me é suficiente (ALL the money I have is enough)

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