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One doubt in English.

what's difference between trouble and problem.? How do I use them?.

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    It is really hard to give you an exact answer on what is the difference because the words are so similar. Problems will eventually come to a solution...they will eventually be solved. Problems tends to refer to physical faults. Trouble tends to be referencing something more emotional or psychological...something that is intangible.

    I am in trouble. (more emotional feel)
    I am having problems with my family. (there is something that needs to be solved)
    I am having computer problems. (the computer needs to be fixed)
    I am having trouble with my computer (emotional feeling to it)
    She is having trouble with math. (emotional)
    She is having problems in math. (physical is saying she has an issue that needs to be dealt with)

    I hope I didn't just confuse you even more! Good luck.


    Answer copied from a similar question previously asked here:

    1. A distressing or difficult CIRCUMSTANCE or SITUATION

    1. A situation, matter, or person that PRESENTS PERPLEXITY or DIFFICULTY

    Trouble is the situation. When the situation prevents you from achieving some goal, then it is a problem

    in my opinion,

    Trouble: is more likely informal, meant by a little or short difficult time we will face.
    ex, (a bill not paid, lost your car keys, forgot to call your friend .....etc)

    Problem: is used in both (form/inform), meant by a very serious difficult time coming over.
    Ex, (lost your laptop with all work data stored in it, went bankrupt, lost your job...etc)

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