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How would you explain “piney” here?


I made my way to the only open bar in the terminal and sat down on a stool that looked as if it had been brought from the factory that night. Everything about the bar and the airport was new and sterile. The tiles on the floor were clean and I saw where minute trails of remaining dust were left in my wake as if to guide me back. I ordered a beer and put my money on the bar. It was light wood lacquered to a mirror shine and I saw my face in the strange piney reflection and scooted my stool back a bit. A janitor swung a mop down the long tile path between the gates, and I took a swallow of my beer and glanced at the fine particles of dust I’d left on the floor in my wake.

How would you explain “piney” in “I saw my face in the strange piney reflection”? I think it means the bar was made of pine, right?

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    The counter bar was made of pinewood, and lacquered so that it shone and reflected the author's image. That's why the author wrote "piney reflection."

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