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Best way to learn Korean

All I'm doing now is using various apps and websites that have audio lessons that I listen to.
I wonder if I should learn the Korean characters first? would that help me in the long run?
I'm just interested in understanding and speaking korean, not so much writing
I figure the more vocabulary I know the more I understand, so do you suggest I still learn the characters?

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    The first thing you should do is learn hangul. Hangul makes everything a thousand times easier. There are only 24 characters so its not hard. It took me 2 days to learn them all and about a month to be able to read fast.

    i think if you charcter , it can help you when you learning korean easily
    written korean is composed by voice...^^

    but if you want to speak and listen more, you'd better use media such as like music and tv program. of course it is sure thing and you already know.
    if you need any help , feel free ask me^^

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