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What do you think about Persian Internet restrictions?

I hate this because it prevents me from communicating with so many of my friends!

How badly has it effected you?
Is there a way around it?

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    Internet censorship is just reflection of governments fears. Fear that they can't control you as they wish to.

    You can try to look at proxy server outside your country. It will bypass your internet traffic trough other country, so you will be able to access www.

    I think every country has some restrictions, so it's not strange. Although, Iranian know how to around them e.g. using VPN and some software.

    That's a great way to entirtain coz we dont have something to play so getting involved to bypass the filter can be real amusing..I'm myself really enjoying it.
    The affect is now I'm becoming a real engineer of network.
    And the way yes,the way is to not mind it and keep enjoying it constantly.

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