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How do you correctly translate this in Japanese?

So~ In preparations for my first lessons I decided to practice recognizing hiragana and katakana~ Kanji are still out of my league, so I found a small blessing in the form of a Digimon game on the PSP, that has Furigana above the Kanji, but something been confusing me~ You see, in the below text


I understand that it basically translates to
Wake up!

but now my question. Yokatta is the word they use when they are relieved about something right? sort of like 'phew I'm glad' but then the next sentence totally confused me. Due to the scene (the character is being woken up after fainting) I assumed it is related to their health, since the kanji can also mean 'mind, mood, air, atmosphere or spirit' So perhaps my thought that it means something akin to 'How are you feeling?'

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    As Ryoko said above, the speaker was glad to find the person coming to conscious again.
    よかった。 I'm glad to find you still being alive.
    気がついたんだね。 You are conscious, right?

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