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Help with korean grammar and translation

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안녕하세요 ^^ . 한국에서 찾기 가장쉬운 일자리는 영어 선생님 입니다.
대부분의 친구들이 선생님 일을 많이 하고있습니다.더군다나 언어 전공자
이시니 더욱 수월 할 것으로 보입니다. ^^ .궁금한거 있으면 또 연락주세요.

안녕하세요 ^^ = Hello ^^
한국에서 = In Korea
찾기 = to find
가장쉬운 = (the)easiest
일자리는 = (about) job
영어 = english
선생님 teacher
입니다. = is

(The easiest job to find in Korea ist the english teaching)

대부분의 친구들이 = Many of my friends
선생님 일을 = work as teacher
많이 하고있습니다. = have
더군다나 = Furthermore
언어 전공자 = the language majored
이시니 = ???
더욱 수월 =more easier
할 것으로 보입니다. ^^ = seems to be^^

궁금한거 있으면 = If....??
또 연락주세요 = please contact me again

(Many of my friends work as teacher. Furthermore the language majored will be more visible. If you are interested please contact me again.)

This is a translation I made, but I don't understand some parts, if you find something wrong please correct me, thanks

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    I'll try.

    Korea have many job that you can work.
    Especially Engish teacher!
    most foreigners work as an English teacher in Korea . So Why don't you try it?
    And your major is language ,so It easy to find the job to work in Korea.
    If you have a question , Pleae contact me again .

    Ps. I'm a beginner in English. So you should guess this sentence . I hope , This translation can be a big help to you wiht your problem.^^

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