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Como se dice, "It's warm (weather)"?

Yo se que "Hace frio" significa "It's cold", y "Hace calor" significa "It's hot".
No se si "Hace calido" significa "It's warm (weather)".

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    You could just say "Hace buen tiempo", for "The weather is good". In Spanish, "Hace calor" is usually a good thing and doesn't mean that it's too hot and uncomfortable, so you could say that as well. "Hace demasiado calor" would be a complaint, though.

    Hi, Im from Bolivia and in my country we use the expretion "(el clima) esta templado" that would be the best translation for "it´s warm". Its not that common to hear this in a casual conversation but you´ll always here this expression on the weather forecasts on TV "hoy tendremos un clima templado". In a casual conversation we prefer to use "(el clima) esta agradable" or something like that because you know, a warm weather is usually the best weather we can have.

    "warm" con respecto al clima es calido, tibio, agradable

    En México todo depende de la temperatura y de la sensación térmica

    Fresco, baja temperatura sin necesidad de abrigo it's like the winter feel in Florida
    Frio, Baja temperatura con necesidad de abrigo it's like the winter feel in Chicago

    Hot Calor con alta humedad o alta temperatura between 35 to 50 celsius "Que calor hace" it's like the summer feel in Arizona
    Warm Calor sin sudor o con baja temperatura above 25 until 35 celsius "está agrable el clima sin sensacion de frio ni sensación de calor" it's like the summer feel in Los Angeles

    In Mexico Hot mean Caluroso
    In México warm meanTemplado

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