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Once, I've heard someone saying that there are some countries (I'm not going to say which ones for a matter of respect I guess) where if you are a foreigner and speak just English to try to communicate, they make themselves as they didn't understand you even if they did understand what you're saying, and they just say that it is a way to make you speak their language as you are in their country not in an English-speaking country..could that be possible?? I mean..if you are a foreigner and just go to those countries for tourism and only speak could a person be able to understand you and not answer/help you??

I hope that's a lie 'cause I'd be afraid to go to those countries though..

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    I haven't heard about it. If you mean it's Russia, so I've never met a person who would do that, because everybody who can speak English are eager to practice when they have a chance to talk to a native speaker. But there are some people who have difficulties in understanding English, and the situation is quite stressful - it's not a usual thing to be caught on the street and answer a question in a foreign language just so easily. So maybe they really don't understand it, that would be true.

    I heard, in several former soviet countries people don't like tourists who speak Russian.

    I believe it is untrue. I have never been to any such country. I suggest that you do more research on this subject.

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