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What is the difference?

I saw this expesion "She is being very nice to me", but I want to know if can I say "She is being very nice with me." And what is the difference between these expresions.

I already had made a similar question, but I don't know if it is diferent or if there are other cases. My other question was about the difference of "talking to you" and "talking with you".

Other case is in the song of Adele, Rolling in the deep, in this part the song says "but you played to the beat" Can I use "with" instead "to"?

I saw other cases but I don't remember now.

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    'With' includes the object in the action. So if you say "She is being very nice with me," you are "being nice" together to some other unnamed person. In the case of talking "with" you, then you are both talking. It can mean just the two of you talking with each other. If she is talking "to" you, then it probably means that you are the audience. However, I have heard "talking to" to reference a conversation, so it is somewhat interchangeable.

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