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What is the correct word in English?



Is it right to call the person who reads a lot & have a lot of information as ''an intellectual'' person ?

For example '' I admire you! because you are really an intellectual person''?

& Are their another Synonyms for what I mean ?

I Hope you understand my question

Thank you in advance.....

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    Yeah, that's fine. "Intellectual" isn't exactly the most common word, but it's fine for that use. Another way of saying it might just be the say that someone "is very smart" or that someone "knows a lot," rather than to say that they "are an intellectual."


    Hi, technically it is OK but I can't help and feel it sounds little bit strange. I'd definately use it when talking about some one else but I don't think I'd use directly as you did- to say it to some one else. I'd probably use- a well-read person,accomplished,smart,clever etc. Kamila

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