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Is it harder to say: "I love you", "I'm sorry" or "Good bye"?

How do you think?

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    If you say that to your dier friend, it's don't hard. It's amazine! Good bye)it's funny. First say "I love you" be hard)

    if "Good bye" means like "Good bye forever", both sencences: "I love you" and "Good bye" are on the same level of difficult . saying that, are like step by a threshold or jump from a plane: there is no way back. ps. correct me if necessary :)

    For me , I don't have any problem to say it all .


    Not how do you think but what do you think... . It depends on circumstances. They can be all very difficult to say or all of them very easy to say.


    It depends on whom are you telling one of those phrases.
    However, I think that I love you and Goodbye are the hardest. If you are a humble person, you have no problem saying "I'm sorry, I recognize my mistakes or my bad attitudes". But, as cuter87 wrote, saying I love you is like jumping from an airplane: there's no way back.

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