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“I love to dance” or “I love dancing”?

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    "I love to dance" means that I think dancing is a lovely activity. Love/like/hate/dislike/prefer+TO INFINITIVE is used to show your attitude towards something.

    "I love dancing" means I enjoy dancing, it gives me pleasure.Love/like/hate/dislike/prefer+Verb with ING is used to show your hobbies or preferences.

    I hope my explanation was useful enough.


    "I love to dance" is less ambiguous. "I love dancing" is more like "I love football". It doesn't mean that you're the one who is dancing or playing football.

    I love to dance. maybe you'd better say " I'd love to dance" to indicate that you want to do sth.
    I love dancing, is your habit.
    one of the differences between " to do" and "doing", is "to do" indicate that you want to do a sth.
    and "doing" itself is a "thing" just like a noun. for example: I love the girl, I love kissing.
    if you love kissing, and also you love the girl, then you love to kiss the girl.

    The previous answers are too complicated and difficult.

    The correct answer is very simple. They have the same meaning. There is no difference.

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