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What are the most popular abbreviations in English written speaking?

Some foreign friends of mine use it very often and I always have to ask what does it mean.

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    If you are referring to chatting or instant messaging, here are a few very popular ones:
    LOL - laugh out loud
    JK - just kidding
    OMG - oh my God
    hahaha - laughing
    Hmmm - the person is thinking
    ttyl - talk to you later

    If you are referring to just basic abbreviations, here are a few:
    ASAP - as soon as possible
    RSVP - to reply to an invitation
    N/A - not applicable
    FAQ - frequently asked questions
    FYI - for your information
    e.g. - for example

    Hope this helps....feel free to post specific abbreviations so that we can help you out!


    It's very difficult to understand your question. Do you mean the abbreviations used in chat?

    The hard fact is, you will have to ask or look them up if you don't know them. I think it's a little rude if your friends just use these abbreviations and expect you to magically know them.

    If you give us some examples, we can translate them for you.

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