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how can i differenciate between hindi and urdu?

Anyone.....Would you please tell me what is the difference between URDU and HINDI? In written text, it's clearly different,, Hindi uses devanagri letters and Urdu uses arabic letters... So,, how can I differenciate in a spoken utterance? Thank you

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    Here are the few common differences.

    Urdu speaker Hindi speaker

    Hazar Hajar
    Mazdoor Majdoor
    Khod Kkhhud (its the same difference when Arab and English
    men pronounce "khalid") This is more common feature of
    Hindi speakers and you can easily figure out that one is
    Urdu speaker or Hindi speaker.

    phool fool

    For more detail listen to both BBC Urdu and BBC Hindi news and you will easily find out the differences.

    actually their is big difference....
    hindi used sunskrit words....and urdu speaking used arabic/persion and other language words...
    difference in pronounctioning word,............
    for eg....we used in urdu amman( peace) and in hindi it is called shanti....
    writing style is completely different...........

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