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what does this mean?


Could anyone explain me the meaning of this phrase? It is written to amendments to a contract "REVERTING ON THIS". Does it mean they don't accept amendments or they want to discuss them later?

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    To revert usually means to go back to the original condition and/or practice. An amendment might have been written and reverting would take it back to the original rule.
    Hope that clears something up.


    The phrase used in contracts is usually, for example- "if X situation occurs then we shall revert to the agreed price of $X" or something like that. It is a way of giving an alternate to the propsed clause of teh contract and ordinarily relates back to earlier discussions or agreements. I hesitate however because your phrase is "reverting ON" rather than "reverting TO". A phrase I can envisage or think of in such a situation using "ON" might be "if they RENEGE on this..." . This would be for example, "if Company A reneges on this clause in the contract then Company B will receive compensation in teh amount of $X". Hope this helps :)

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