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A と B どちら が 好ぎですか .

A と B と どちら が 好ぎですか .

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    Hana san is correct and I'll add my opinions, too.
    I think there are 4 types of the same meaning.

    1) AとB、(a little pose 0.5sec lol) どちらが好きですか。
    2) AとBと、どちらが好きですか。
    3) AとBでは、どちらが好きですか。
    4) AとBだと、どちらが好きですか。

    For me, I don't say 2) AとBとどちらが好きですか。

    どちら is a polite word so you can use "どっち" in a more casual way.

    1) 犬と猫、どっちが好きですか?
    2) 犬と猫と、どっちが好きですか?
    3) 犬と猫では、どっちが好きですか?
    4) 犬と猫だと、どっちが好きですか?

    The nuances of the differences
    1)and 2) is the same.

    3) There are more selective choices like monkeys, lions etc.
    Someone already asked you the similar question like
    "Which do you prefer, a dog or a lion?.

    4) This is an alternative question and it means which you choose the best.
    You have to choose one from two.


    Well, both are wrong and correct.
    You can say both "A と B どちら" and "A と B と どちら", but you should say 好きですか instead of 好ぎですか.

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