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how to understand this paragraph?

I am translating a book about deciding, and found the following paragraph hard to understand, would you pls help me to understand the logic of it:

This is about ‘Big Five Recovery Boosters’ for Britian: "2, The tax system must be used to champion wealth creation", then the author comments:

The Tax System point was obviously not intended to come
across as self-interest. But doesn’t stress on reducing the
50p tax rate and corporation tax rather give the game away?
You don’t have to be unduly sceptical to ask just how many
people believe that the tax system in this era of cuts is about
wealth creation. Surely it is about increasing government
revenue to match the reductions in government spending?

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    Hi John,

    It seems that the writer is challenging the claims about The Tax System. It could possibly serve two different purposes, but which one?
    1) self-interest = serving the government
    2) wealth creation = serving the tax payer

    Stress on reducing the tax rate and corporation tax sounds like self-interest, which is serving the government.

    People don't really believe that The Tax System is about personal wealth creation -- they believe The Tax System is about increasing government

    Does anyone else read it this way?
    I hope this helps, John.

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