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who is Awful Knoffle?

The day went from catastrophe to catastrophe and crisis to crisis and then — to make matters worse — in dashed international daredevil superstar Awful Knoffle.
a real person or fictional character, does the word ”Knoffle“ have special meaning?

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    That name is a sort of play on words. It does actually belong to the real man mentioned above.He shared a jail cell with a very famous motorcycle daredevil from back in the 1970s named Robert Craig Knievel. He used to do all kinds of crazy stunts.

    The way it the story goes is these two guys, Knievel and Knofle were both in jail (I don't know why) and ended up sharing the same cell . The jailer decided to make fun of them calls one- Aw-ful K-nof-ful and the other E-vil K-nee-vil. It's a play on words. The jailer did it to make their names have the same amount of syllables and to poke fun at the two.

    Interestingly, Knievel decided to keep the first name of Evil but changed the spelling to Evel. He was a big deal back in the day.

    When I was a young, we kids used to ride bikes and do daredevil stunts. There was always someone who would say they were going to be Evel Knivel, and of course all the kids would say "No, you're really going to be Awful Knofle". So basically, Awful Knofle is used to refer to someone that's a bad daredevil. You know, the kinds of kids (or people) who are always trying to do stunts and tricks, but only end up getting hurt instead...those kind.

    This video illustrates it best in the title:

    An Awful Knofle example:

    The real Evel Knievel:

    Knoffle does not have a special meaning. Awful Knoffle was a real person. That was his nickname. His real name was William Knofle.

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