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About the adjectives

Why some of the adj. need to be changed in form while others don't have to?
For example,we say "een witte auto" instead of "een wit auto",but we say"een wit parrd"instead of "een witte parrd".

Why so?

Thanks for the answers:)

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    Simply put, all adjectives are changed (-e added to the end). There is one case where the adjective is not changed. This is when the adjective is put before a word that has "het" as its article, but in your sentence you use the indefinite article "een".

    For example:
    de witte auto - een witte auto
    het witte paard - een wit paard

    regular and irregular adjectives:
    some of adjectives are regular..there are not changeable as helpful.wonderful...
    but there are others changeable at total in its roots as: good/bad/far/

    there are rules of some adjectives which are changeable as i have mentioned before

    Auto is a masculin word.
    Paard is a neutral word.

    Masculin or feminin words.
    Een witte auto (car)
    Een witte fiets (bicycle)

    Neutral words.
    Een wit paard (horse)
    Een wit huis (house)

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