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what's the difference between"mehr" and "über“, when we do a comparison?

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    hi! both words are can not be used to form a regular comparative in german, except for some special cases:
    "mehr" (more) can be used with some verbs (only verbs), when comparing a quantity of something
    "er trinkt mehr als du"
    or with the verbs "lieben" and "mögen" (to love, to like)
    ex: "Ich liebe dich mehr als ihn" "Er mag sie mehr als mich"
    (there may be some more verbs, of course, though i dont know if there is a rule for this)

    "über" (over) on the other hand is not used to form a comparitive in any way. Though there are expressions like:
    "Er steht über dir" (meaning: he is -in some way depending on the context- better than you)

    furthermore "über" is often used in to form new adjectives to underline a characteristic oder very strong feature of something:
    "über-gross" "über-eifrig"...
    just a few examples - i hope i could help

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