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Meaning of 一方通行でご遠慮です

In the following sentence what 一方通行でご遠慮です means?
Sentence: ・・・・・・何かしらの営業や詐欺なら一方通行でご遠慮ですよ
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    一方通行literally means "in direction." So reading the sentence as a whole, the person speaking is saying "if you conduct any business or fraudulent activity, (let me be straight, i.e.., this is coming in one direction from me to you, and you have nothing to say back to me), please refrain from doing so."

    I agree with Brian's answer.
    The original isn't perfect Japanese.
    We usually say
    何かしらの営業や詐欺なら一方通行でご遠慮させてもらいますよ or something like that.

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