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question about honourifics

i understand how honourifics are used in most cases but i dont understand how they are used when you aren't speaking directly to the person

for example, if i want to say to my friend (with whom i speak informally) "where is your mother". do i have to say 네 어머니는 어디 계세요 even though i speak to my friend informally? or is it ok is if i say 네 어머니는 어디 있어?

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    That must be confusing thing.

    You have to say "네 어머니는 어디 계시니?" This is informal way to say to your friends.

    You can't say like this " 네 어머니는 어디 있어?" Because you are asking that where his/her mom is, so 어머니 and 계시다 are related, and you have to use honorific expression,

    However, you are asking to your friends, so you don't need to use honorific word "요" at the end of the sentence.

    My explanation is not good, but I hope it can help you.

    Ask me anytime

    Thank you

    Asking "where is your mother?"

    Asking elder one: "어머니께서는 어디에 계십니까? (or 계세요?)
    Asking younger one: 어머니께서는 어디에 계시니?

    께서는 or 께선: honorific form of subject particle '은/는'
    계시다: honorific form of verb, 있다.

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