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Rules to remember for Russian stress and pronunciation ( stressed about stress)

Are there any rules or tricks learned growing up, that native speakers can give me about pronunciation and stress?
Мне нужна помощь с произношением.

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    I don't think anyone will be able to give you a tip or two which will solve the problem. Whole textbooks and treatises have been written about the difficulty of stress in Russian. Here's a book I have used which has helped me. However, it's a whole book that must be studied.


    There are so many rules about stress in Russian that they are useless. You'll never memorize them all. What you can do to improve your pronunciation is to listen as much as possible - any online broadcasting, podcasts, audiobooks etc. Let your ear remember. Here is a couple of links that I think you might find helpful: - online pronunciation dictionary - Echo Moscvy, almost all the programs are available online for free

    Listen Russian speech like some kind of a music and try to imitate intonation.

    Try to find texts where stresses are defined and read it aloud repeatedly. After that you will be able speak it instinctively. удАчи.

    Not so easy to give you advice for this question. Sometimes the meaning of the word depends from stress and pronunciation. For instance
    Вода' = water
    Во'да = lead the game (slang)
    So the best way is practice with a native.

    no tricks or rules here
    pure memorization

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