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Can anyone help me with portuguese?

Need a (Brazilian) Portuguese tutor!

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
Category: Other


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    I offer informal tutorials here in italki. I've got a lot of material to share. If you're interested, please visit my Italki profile.
    Um abraço,

    eu posso te ajudar, meu nome é Lucas e eu sou brasileiro.
    Estou a disposição. Se quiser, é só me mandar uma mensagem.

    Hi, how are you doing?
    I'm a brazilian, from São Paulo state, I 'm 22 years old and I'm studying architecture.
    When I saw you asking for help with portuguese I've tought that's a good oportunity to make a friend who can also teach me English. So why not help you with Portuguese?
    If you want send me a message,
    see ya.

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