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Can anyone help me with portuguese?

Need a (Brazilian) Portuguese tutor!

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    I would like to help there with Potuguês Brazil. And I would be very happy if you could ajuar with English.

    i canhelp youin franch and englich arabic italian and little spanich ;)

    It would be a pleasure to help you with the Portuguese :-) At the same time you can help me with the English!!


    I offer informal tutorials here in italki. I've got a lot of material to share. If you're interested, please visit my Italky profile.
    Um abraço,

    szia. miben segíthetek?

    hello, i'm Brazilian and can help you.
    my skype is

    Sim, eu posso. Sou brasileiro, tenho 17 anos. Qual a sua dúvida?

    Hi Dalma.
    I am brazilian.
    Maybe I can help you with your learning of Portuguese language.

    my skype: lazumbra

    I am colombian and I can help you if you want, look at I know more than 10 tongues at various grades and I would can help U my msn is LUCK ladie

    I can't help you!. I am brazilian. my Skype:


    I can help you. If you want, add me on skype :)


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