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Can anyone help me with portuguese?

Need a (Brazilian) Portuguese tutor!

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    I would like to help there with Potuguês Brazil. And I would be very happy if you could ajuar with English.

    i canhelp youin franch and englich arabic italian and little spanich ;)

    It would be a pleasure to help you with the Portuguese :-) At the same time you can help me with the English!!


    I offer informal tutorials here in italki. I've got a lot of material to share. If you're interested, please visit my Italky profile.
    Um abraço,

    szia. miben segíthetek?

    hello, i'm Brazilian and can help you.
    my skype is

    Of course, I can help you.

    Sim, posso ajudá-la. Sugiro que participe sempre aqui.
    Bom estudo!

    Sim, eu posso. Sou brasileiro, tenho 17 anos. Qual a sua dúvida?

    Hi Dalma.
    I am brazilian.
    Maybe I can help you with your learning of Portuguese language.

    my skype: lazumbra

    I am colombian and I can help you if you want, look at I know more than 10 tongues at various grades and I would can help U my msn is LUCK ladie

    I can't help you!. I am brazilian. my Skype:


    I can help you. If you want, add me on skype :)


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