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what does this sentence mean:

He found that a reply from Billy's father-in-law would satisfy where a secretary's or assciate's would cause resentment?

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    Hey joe183happy,

    He found that if a reply was received from Billy's father-in-law the recipient would be content/satisfied/happy, but if the reply came from the secretary of the associate, the person would get angry.

    Man, that's a crappy sentence. It's really leaving a lot up for inference.

    To make the meaning more clear, I'd write it as this: "He found that, if Billy's father-in-law replied (to someone), it would satisfy (someone), while a reply from a secretary or an associate would cause (someone) resentment."

    I don't know if the someone is "he" or somebody else entirely, or maybe even a group of people. I have no idea how to know unless I get a lot more context from wherever you pulled this sentence. However, what it means is that Billy's father-in-law has a special status that allows him to make "someone" happy when he replies to them, but if someone of lesser status replied to this someone, then it would make that someone irritated/angry.

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