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The Painted Veil

How can we say in another words "private means" here?
"Her eyes wandered to Walter: he really should try to be a little better turned out. She noticed Townsend's cufflinks and waistcoat buttons; she had seen similar ones at Carrier's. Of course the Townsends had private means."
And what about "His impassivity was vaguely impressive" . Does it mean " a bit impressive" here ?

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    By "the Townsend had private means," the sentence just means "the Townsends are rich." "Vaguely impressive" does mean "a bit impressive" as you noted, but in a very subtle, almost imperceptible way that you can't quite define. PS Do you mean "Cartier's" (I guess Carrier's could also be a high-end shop somewhere I don't know...)

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