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what's the best way to say these sentences ( going to exhibition)


Hi , Are you participants in this fair

yes, we're in booth number 26

Can I get the name of all the companies participating in the fair in the field of auto parts

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    "Hi! Are you participating in this fair?"

    "Yes, we're in booth 26."

    "May I have a list of all auto part companies participating in the fair?"

    Your first two sentences were pretty much fine. If you want to say them your way, that's acceptable; my changes will make them sound a bit more "natural", but they're not needed.

    However, I highly recommend you use my third sentence. It's a lot more succinct and clear, and it also sounds more professional. Further, while "can" can be used in this sentence colloquially, it's not proper English. "Can" implies a capacity to do something, while "may" implies an ability to do something or permission to get something.

    This is exemplified in the common phrase "May I go to the bathroom". Many young native English speakers will ask their teachers "Can I go to the bathroom?", only to be met with a sarcastic, "Of course you CAN go to the bathroom, but are you ALLOWED to?"

    "Sorry, teacher," they'll reply, "MAY I go to the bathroom?"

    "Yes, student," the teacher will reply. "You may go to the bathroom."

    So again, while you're able to use "can" in colloquial English (hell, I even do it some times when I'm not paying attention to my words), it's still wrong, hence why I changed it.

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