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Виталием = Виталия??? Помогите пожалйуста.....Help me......

I have a question regarding the Russian grammar that I wrote the other day.
My sentence was this >> Я просил с Виталием о моих русских фразах (I asked with/to Vitaliy about my Russian phrases).
But, my other Russian friend corrected me that it should be like this>> Я спросил Виталия о моих русских фразах

My problem is the name of the person that I wrote in this sentence. I use the Instrumental Case (Твор. П.) which indicates that masculine names which ended in [й] will become [ем]. Vitaliy>>Vitaliem

What case was used in the correct sentence? where the name changes to "Vitaliya" and not "Vitaliem"?
Sorry for my stupid question. I'm still confuse with Russian's 6 cases rules.
I hope you guys can help me)))))

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    Спросил (кого?) Виталия, человека, себя.
    Говорил (с кем?) с Виталием, с человеком, с собой.
    Дал (кому?) Виталию, человеку, себе.
    Умный (кто?) Витилий, человек, я.
    И т.д.
    To use the Instrumental Case (Твор. П.) you should construct sentence like this:
    Я говорил с Виталием о моих русских фразах.
    Expression Я спросил to the Instrumental Case (Твор. П.) is not using

    Я спросил Виталия ... Род.п
    Я говорил Виталию ... Дат.п
    Я говорил с Виталием ... Тв.п.

    you really do need the Instrumental case here. It's спросил (кого?) Виталия
    =I asked (whom?)
    Виталием is like if you do something using him. Like write using a pencil would be писать (чем?) карандашом.
    But if you use the preposition "с" (с Виталием) that would be "with Vitaliy"
    I'm a bit confused as well right now, but I hope that will help)

    The verb "спросить" (to ask) is a transitive verb (to ask somebody) which takes a person in accusative with no preposition: Я спросил Виталия. Я спросил тебя. Я спросил друга. Я спросил сестру.

    You wrote:
    "I asked with/to Vitaliy about my Russian phrases"
    But why do you think you need those with/to here? It is the source of your mistake.

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