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In excess of 80 percent of the UN’s budget is used ____ the economic development of member nations.

A. supporting
B. support
C. to support
D. the support

Note: What does the phrase “In excess of” mean?

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    Waaa! First time reading through, I thought both A *and* C sounded okay. But I think I'm going to side with Sanya on this, becuase it has more of a "purpose" feel to it.

    in excess of = more than, over; but I think it draws attention to the amount/percentage being more than we might expect

    The answer would be A. Supporting because it is talking about what is going on now.

    And "In excess of" means like "extra" or "surplus of".

    Hope this helps^^ Have a nice day!

    The answer should be 'C' . This sentence talks about the purpose of using part of the UN’s budget, It follows the structure of 'use sth to do sth', but takes the structure of the passive voice, ' sth is used to do sth'.

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